The aim of the dataSAVI project is to provide Local Stop Smoking Services with timely, dynamic and interactive access to the data that they submit to HSCIC on a quarterly basis, to be used for benchmarking and evaluation purposes.

To facilitate this process, LeLan Solutions has provided a Data Upload Portal that is modelled on the system currently used to upload the datasets to HSCIC (access to the Portal is supplied separately). The body of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) states that participating services will submit the quarterly monitoring return (QM) data to LeLan Solutions using the same, standard Excel workbook that is submitted to HSCIC.

Ideally this submission will take place at the same time as the upload to HSCIC, thus reducing the need for too much duplicate work on the part of the submitting party. As such, the deadlines for submitting the QM data to LeLan Solutions (where appropriate) reflect the deadlines set by HSCIC and are described below:

QM Period


Proposed Release date*

Q1 2014/15

9 Sep 2014

1 Oct 2014

Q1-2 2014/15

9 Dec 2014

1 Jan 2015

Q1-3 2014/15

13 Mar 2015

1 Apr 2015

Q1-4 2014/15

16 Jun 2015

1 Jul 2015

*May be subject to change

As with submissions to HSCIC, it is expected that the workbooks uploaded via the dataSAVI Data Upload Portal will contain up-to-date information for all past quarters in that year.

Please note that it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that uploads are made in a timely fashion according to the above schedule.

LeLan (Ltd) Solutions guarantees that the above dates constitute the earliest time point for each deadline, however it reserves the right to extend or otherwise delay these dates without notification. The up-to-date deadline schedule will be maintained on this web page.

LeLan (Ltd) Solutions will neither process nor analyse submitted data for clients or time periods that have not been funded or for which a payment has not been agreed a priori; data submitted by organisations that have not signed the MOU or data submitted by Clients for an update period that has not been funded will not be included in the dataSAVI tool. Likewise, LeLan (Ltd) Solutions cannot guarantee that data submitted after the specified deadline dates will be included in the dataSAVI tool for that period and reserves the right to omit any such late data without notification or reimbursement of fees for that update period.