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dataSAVI Cadmium released (edition 2)

posted 16 Oct 2014, 16:14 by Adam Lester-George
Slightly later than planned, dataSAVI Cadmium has now been released (published on October 16th 2014 at 20:31 UK time).

New features include:
1. Updated with Q1 2014/15 Stop Smoking Services data for participating localities;
2. Matchmaker functionality (to allow for meaningful comparisons against demographically similar localities);
3. PHE Centre geographies now included;
4. CCG-level data synthesised for all features, including Quarterly Monitoring Returns data where available.

Please download the latest version of the tool here to ensure that you are fully up-to-date. 

dataSAVI Carmine Edition (containing quitting data for Q2 2014/15 and even more new features) will be released on 1st Jan 2015 - if you are signed-up to the dataSAVI project, please submit your quarterly monitoring return data to us via the portal on or before Tue 9th Dec 2014.

To view all past updates to the dataSAVI tool, please click here.